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"The seminars have completely changed my relationship with my body. After 3 days, I can see the beauty and accept who I am. It has cleared trauma retained from past lives and my previous strong feeling of loneliness has been shifted. I feel deeply empowered. Thank you."

~ Sofia S. ~

"Beyond what is describable in words! But I’ll try.  I am left feeling the depth of acceptance of my ultimate being, totally acknowledging and welcoming myself in every aspect, including power, vulnerability and love. All areas of my life are transformed. In the midst of crisis and tragedy there is beauty and openness, opportunity and growth. This is what is achieved! Total trust… what more could we ever need? I feel safer than I’ve ever felt before."

~ Gauri ~


"Six years after starting this work my entire life is completely transformed. Having been extremely challenging at times, the relationships with my children & their father, with my parents, my partner, sibling, friends, colleagues have grown and developed into easeful, loving, honest, clear, joyful relationships; and even when there is tension, I am able to see & take responsibility for my part in it, and leave the rest to the other. This was something I used to find near impossible! 

The biggest shift has come from getting to know myself. Gradually I have learned to accept & love all of's an ongoing journey but I no longer feel out of control or like the world dictates my life to me. I feel empowered, strong, gentle, feminine, explorative, excited about life, safe and trusting."

~ D. S. ~

"This was my first family constellation and  Daf and Ella were excellent leaders. I felt safe and comfortable working with them on my family relations. I was able to see these in new and often challenging ways through the work we did together.

As a result a lot of difficult feelings were released.

Daf and Ella approach this work with a love and wisdom that is truly inspiring."

~ Paul Curry ~

"I felt such a wonderful energy from you all, and it shocked me how powerful this work is. What came through was magical and yet physical, and it has really shifted something for me. I am now experiencing such wonderful synchronicities and it feels like opportunities are opening up every day. Ella, Daf... you were and are wonderful."

~ Claire U. ~

“Richard provided a safe and supportive learning environment for me to explore some of my ‘stuff’.  Whilst it was a highly emotional day for me personally, I was totally happy with being open and vulnerable.  I cannot express in words how powerful this was - so much shifted for me on the day, and I now feel like I’m on a journey of significant personal growth.  


My relationships and interactions are so much more compassionate and loving.  In particular the connection I have with my mum and dad, I’ve battled with this for 20+ years.  Totally amazing, so glad I attended my first workshop”

~ Suzie Banks ~


"You played a pivotal role on my journey through Transformations. I felt that you had travelled a similar rode before and understood my pain and trepidation... you understood what I needed to hear and when. At the times when I was faltering, on the edge of a realisation, you were the loving kick up the arse that I needed to venture forward. Thank you Ella!"

~ Eoghan C. ~

"It was so lovely to receive & read your emails, it felt like a continuation of the light-hearted, loving, knowing but deeply connected feeling that Daf & Ella created & held at the workshop... ...So I took my place, and something shifted for me in my constellation. I feel lighter & free-er than I have for years.

All in all: I'm now free - any constraints are my choice."

~ Tim B. ~

"So to all the Tribe, I report there's no more Alcoholics Anonymous for me, which is huge. It's a story that doesn't apply to me anymore. Every single one of you (and I mean that) showed me where to hurt, where to fight and where to make a start at showing some real love for the rest of the world. I don't think I could even say the word "love" a year ago, but all my love to you; thinking of you all."


 ~ Julian B. ~

Over the course of the weekend Ella was a fantastic example of someone who was in flow, she had a strong empowered presence over the whole weekend which showed through her holding space for people, by being there for people. Through the facilitation hours when she was working with people, myself included, I found that when she was encouraging you on, it felt like she was down in the trenches with you.  


Ella feels like a leader who's leading by example and somebody who gives people permission to become their own leader.  She was always coming from a strong place of compassion and from a place of “we are all in this together”.  She also showed the vulnerability in herself that she is ever improving, which is also a great example, because it shows that we all still have areas to grow in and we can all become powerful.

 ~ Jim ~


"My relationship with myself has changed - I have reconnected with the power of my female energy and if I am honest I love it!  I feel much clearer, softer, more humble.

My relationship with work has changed - I have held my ground and been more honest about what I think. And now I am using skills and insights from transformations to create small shifts in me that are having a huge impact. It's unbelievable.  


My relationship with my husband has changed. It is wonderful.

Finally my relationship with my kids has changed. It changed most after family constellations when I realized that I was worrying about them too much. And that shift has continued.

I am so grateful that this has come into my life. I am so grateful for the circle, for Coed, for the assistants. So grateful for Petr's expertise. But more I just feel excited about living my life with this awareness, this new energy. 

Thank you. Thank you. AHO! xx"

~ Lauren B. ~


"This work has, in 3 days, transformed my relationship with my body and how I react to painful feelings and experiences. I have let go of 12 years of pain and trauma and now I feel truly alive and joyful in my body again." 

 ~ Sophie B. ~

"Finding our unique true nature is all we are each here for. And we find it through authenticity and loving acceptance of all our fragmented parts until we embrace the self in our beautiful (and sometimes ugly) wholeness. Loving it all!! This work shows us how to be as vast as we are."

~ Rawley C. ~

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“The braveness to really look at myself and show myself, dropping all the masks. Daring to present myself naked.  And the joy and astonishment for being accepted as I am, undisguised, with all my shadow –sides and weak points.  


And what comes from that is simply and purely love.  Love for oneself, love for others, and love for life in all its diverse and natural beauty.  Seeing me is seeing you. Seeing is loving…”

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