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 Family Constellations ~ Shamanic Healings

Tantric Rituals ~ Shadow Work

Emotional Release ~ Magical Theatre


Welcome to the next stage of the Mystery Journeys where we deepen our awareness regarding our ancestral ties and bring awareness to our beings and bodies of how trauma can remain embedded within us.


Through our courage to face our engrained patterns we can step into a new awareness of ourselves and our deepest truth, which then can radiate outward and we can then become the change we want to see in the world through the inner work, expanding into the unknown where the mystery of our lives can be lived experience. 

This seminar is an invitation to dive deeply within to reveal these buried family traumas of our family system.  We will explore and clear these unhealthy dynamics through various modalities carefully designed to reveal the layers of dis-ease which still plague us. 

Motivation to participate might be the feeling of seeking change in our lives, a sense of stagnancy, a draw to deeper self-enquiry, clearing our relations or a desire for healing on the physical level.

With courage, dedication and inquisitiveness, we lovingly shine light on our perfect beauty, vulnerability, shadows, patterns and strategies.  When we enter with this approach we are offered the opportunity to see our lives (and others) with greater clarity, compassion and the freedom to choose how we wish to live and how we meet the world and ourselves.

26 - 30th Oct 2022


Laya Point (Lake District)

Facilitators: Richard Buckworth, Elanor Rose & team


[This seminar is for those who have previous experience of process- and body-work and are ready to take a leap into the unknown, at times stretching their comfort zone, rather than looking for a 'safe space'.]

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The intention for these seminars is to liberate our Life-Energy and to wake up to the dream of our soul. We will uncover the ways in which we hold ourselves back from living our potential.


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