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The journey space is immersed in nature in the heart of the rugged ancient wild landscape of the breathtaking Duddon Valley in a beautifully converted schoolhouse.... the majesty of the Lake District.

Through a mixture of healing modalities including Systemic Family Constellations, Shamanic Healings, Process-Work, Intuitive Touch Bodywork & sharing circles we provide a loving space which invites us to dare to meet the unseen influences, strategies and patterns that hold us back from living our lives as fully as we desire.

The work offers a space to bring unconscious beliefs into consciousness and explore parts that we keep hidden from ourselves and others.  It offers an experience of returning to a deeper connection within; into alignment with our heart and soul.  When approached with enthusiastic willingness-to-look, the work can offer an illuminating (and exciting!) pathway to a sweet freedom - freedom to be who we truly are!

The groups are smaller than our other seminars (15 max) which provides more space for sharing in circle and exploring personal topics.  

These retreats are for those with a desire and courage to know
















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"The work has made me get real, know myself more, connect with my sacred dream, live from my passion, face my deepest darkest parts of myself and heal numerous old wounds.


I feel more happy, more abundant, more loving, more expanded and more truthful having done this work and for this I am truly grateful. xxxx"

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