I'm confirmed! What do I need to do next? What do I need to bring?

An extensive ‘What to bring list’ will be sent out about 1 week prior to the seminar, this will include materials you need for the workshops, bedding and information on food.

Is there much seated meditation? I need quite a lot of support. Shall I bring these along or will they be supplied?

We will sit on mattresses with cushions a lot. If you know what kind of support you like, please bring it. People with back / leg issues can also sit on a chair. If you have physical issues that restrict you a lot in movement, please get in touch via email and we will do our best to find a way to make it work for you / to support you.



The group will prepare vegetarian meals together. This is considered an integral part of the seminar as a ‘grounding activity’ and forms a vital part of our being a community. It usually ends up being delicious, creative and colorful - and we tend to learn a lot from each other in the kitchen. 


Of course not everyone will cook, but everyone takes on a responsibility during the weekend to care for our shared space.


Whilst we provide basic cooking provisions, each participant brings a food donation of around £20 value. This way, we make sure we cater for all tastes. We will send you more information about the food to bring prior to the seminar.


We generally allow for dairy and wheat free alternatives. If you are on a special diet, e.g. raw food, please bring all the food that you need.




I am on a special diet.

We provide dairy and wheat-free alternatives, however if you are following a very specific diet, for example raw food, please take care of your food supply and bring everything that you need with you. You might want to prepare some of the food in advance, if you can.

What are the sleeping arrangements?

We all sleep in the circle barn in small curtained nooks around the edge.  If you prefer to sleep seperately please contact us for alternative options, including huts, wagons, yurts or the railway carriage - which are available at an extra cost.

Are there any price reductions?

Whilst we understand difficulties of financial situations the price includes accommodation and the whole weekend so it is set as a flat rate which we feel is fair and reflects the power of what is on offer **.  It also includes some food basics, although we all bring some food and then cook collectively (vegetarian). 


**However, to make this work available to all we will be offering a couple of concessional places for those in exceptional financial circumstances so we can offer a payment plan based on ability to pay beforehand to support this as well as looking at flexible pricing depending on personal circumstances going forward.   In  all cases, the seminar fee must be paid by start of the seminar.

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