Mystery Journeys are held by a dedicated team of facilitators and assistants who are passionate about this work.

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Daf St Clair


Daf works as a therapist and mentor with groups and individuals and combines the tools of systemic family constellations (which is partly based on psychotherapy) stress and wellbeing management and intuitive bodywork, along with many years of personal study in the area of self development.

“Daf uses family constellations to great effect, as a medium for transformation. 

I have personally received great benefit from her compassionate, empathic

and discerning approach.”

Terry Brightwater

Richard Buckworth


Richard has been active in the self-development field for over 20 years and blends his therapeutic background incl.  Systemic Family and Silent Constellations , Shamanic Healings, Enneagram teachings and The Journey’s emotional-release therapy with real-life experiences to allow a sense of aliveness and authenticity to this work.


“Richard feels like a very expert facilitator – he understood the crux of my issue and he knows how to give a warm welcome to everyone.  You always feel among friends and you aren’t worried about sharing your troubles with them.

Richard has a magic power & his smile warms everyone’s heart”


Christian Esposito

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Elanor Rose


Ella works intuitively with groups and individuals, weaving together process-work techniques that bring us closer to our true nature.  

She is a Somatic Sexuality Educator who loves to support people to find their authentic expression in the realm of embodiment and sexuality.  She has trained to facilitate Family Constellations and Magical Theatre (Birth into Being).

"The strength of Ella's facilitation style lies in her softness and her listening.  She allows for what needs to emerge with intuition, beauty and authenticity.

I highly recommend this combination of healing arts."

Lara White

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