Mystery Journeys celebrate
and honour our humanness

inviting us to live a fuller expression of life

Through a blend of modalities including Systemic Family & Silent Constellations, Magical Theatre from Birth into Being, Shamanic Healings, Self-Enquiry work, Emotional Release, Intuitive Touch & Bodywork with sharing circles we provide an open and loving space which invites you to meet the unseen influences, strategies and patterns that are holding you back from living your life as fully as you desire.
Motivation to participate might be the feeling of seeking change in your life,  addressing long standing issues or a sense of stagnancy, a draw to deeper self-enquiry, clearing your unhealthy relationships dynamics or a desire for healing on the physical level. The work support us embrace all parts of ourselves and get to know ourselves more deeply. 


If you wish to join, please apply below and we will contact you for a phone call before booking is confirmed.

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Mystery Journey 1 - Awaken

22nd - 25th September

Laya Point, Lake District


Guides: Richard Buckworth, Elanor Rose & team



Mystery Journey 2 - Deepen

26th - 30th October

Laya Point, Lake District

Guides: Daf St Clair, Richard Buckworth & team

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